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What is GoLookUp?

Our goal at GoLookUp is to help users learn the truth about the people in their lives. Our reports offer comprehensive information, and may include: Phone Numbers Reverse Phone Lookup Addresses Social Media Activity Contact Information Background Checks Marriage/Divorce Records Unclaimed Money Arrest Records Criminal Records Traffic Citations Sex Offender Status And more…

We specialize in deep data extraction, not just pulling information from a variety of sources but analyzing it and making it easily searchable for our users. We offer unlimited searches of phone numbers, background checks, social media activity, court records, sex offender registries, and much more. Please use with caution – the results you find may surprise you.

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Information You Need to Know

The purpose behind GoLookUp is to make sure that people have all the information they need to protect themselves and their families. To that end, we make it easy for users to search public records, from a basic background check to criminal and arrest records. We believe that the more you know, the better you can keep your family safe. Our criminal and sex offender search functions let you know exactly who is living in your neighborhood, so that you can make informed decisions when choosing housing, schools, and places for your children to play.

Data You Can Trust

Our users keep coming back for more data. That’s because they know that they can trust what they find. We are experts at data aggregation, and we take pride in our commitment to accuracy. Our data is updated daily so that you can always be assured the information you are receiving is correct. And because our data is compiled from millions of public records, you can have confidence that if the information is out there, we are going to find it.

The records you find on GoLookUp—from a simple phone number lookup to a more detailed sex offender search—are as accurate as it gets.

How it Works

Just moved in to a new neighborhood? Getting calls from an unknown number? Curious about the background of the person you just started dating? Whatever your reason for needing information, consider GoLookUp your trusted source for finding it.

Searching is absolutely free, though there is sometimes a fee to pull reports. If you know that you need a significant number of reports, we recommend enrolling in our monthly membership program, which gives you unlimited access to our complete collection of public records. Our main searches fall into three categories.

Here’s what you can expect from each:

Enter in the first name, last name, and state of the person you are looking for information on. We’ll immediately search all available federal records, state records, and country records (including criminal records, arrest records, and sex offender registries) for the individual in question. We’ll cross reference data with known relatives, as well as any updated location information. Once the search is completed, you’ll be able to access a detailed report that includes a complete scan of all their social media activity.
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    "A great safety tool"

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How to Use (and Not Use) the Data You Discover

Anybody can search on GoLookUp, but there are limits to what end you can use the information for. We require all users to comply with the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FRCA), which prohibits using select types of data to make decisions on consumer credit, employment, insurance, and/or tenancy. The data we provide is intended to help people gather all they might need to know on the people in their lives, and not to discriminate unfairly based on what they find.
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